Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Bat-Mite Presents: Batman's Strangest Deleted Scenes!

Cartoon Network has announced airdates for a couple of new B:TBatB episodes, starting with Battle of the Superheroes!, which is actually the fifth episode of Season 3, airing March 25th. That's the one with Superman, but I can't say anything much about that until Warner Bros. decides to let some stuff leak out, so instead, I'll use this post to gab on at further length about Bat-Mite Presents: Batman's Strangest Cases!, which also had its airdate announced. And that airdate is...

April the First!

That's pretty much the perfect airdate for Bat-Mite. Well played, Cartoon Network!

But now that an airdate has been announced, I feel hesitant about posting any more B-MP:B'sSC spoilers. So that spoiler-filled Batboy post I was planning will have to wait, but I wanted to post something more than the news about the airdates, so here's the compromise - I'll post stuff from the Bat-Mite episode that never actually made it to the air. No spoilers in footage that isn't actually in the show, right?

Normally we don't have much in the way of deleted footage, but Bat-Mite has a knack for messing up our normal schedule one way or the other. This time around, when we finished the storyboard, we found that it was a couple minutes short of a full show, so we had to scramble to make some stuff up to patch up those gaps. We put back some of the gags that had initially been cut from the Batboy and Rubin section, James wrote the bit where Bat-Mite magically adds fight scenes to the Scooby section, I wrote a shark safety PSA, and James came up with one last thing - a commercial parody that we would have squeezed into the act break during the manga section.

First, a little history - for those who didn't live in Canada in 1987, you might have missed these department store commercials (although they were being rediscovered on the internet around the time we were working on B-MP:B'sSC).

They were directed by the amazing Greg Duffel in Toronto at his Lightbox Studio, with designs by the great Ty Templeton.

That's also Greg as the voice of Robin, by the way.

As a side note, these commercials eventually led to Greg's studio being hired to do some test animation that was used to sell a little show you may have heard of called Batman: The Animated Series.

So along with all of the other stuff, James wrote a script for our own fake commercial, and we whipped this little number up (pardon the crudeness of the drawings, I had to bang it out pretty quick)-

But then, a funny thing happened - when we added all the new stuff into the show, we were actually a minute OVER. So we cut the commercial, since it was easiest to lift out and also, it saved us from doing a bunch of new designs in an episode that already had to be completely re-designed three times over already.

That's it for now - the show will finally be on the air in a month, so everyone will be able to enjoy all the stuff's that's actually in the show, and I'll be more comfortable posting some more spoiler-heavy Bat-Mite stuff again. Superman news before that, hopefully!

Batman characters ™ and © DC Comics

Zellers logo and commercials ™ and © Zellers, probably

Zigglers logo and commercial ™ and © Warner Bros Animation, maybe?


PotatoFarmGirl said...

Ha ha, stare-e-roids!

Bill Dunn said...

I love how over animated Batman's face is in the first one. Great looking commercials though. Being from Jersey, I've never seen these before. Too bad we couldn't have fit our version in to the episode.

Ben Jones said...

Look on the bright side, if we did the commercial, that would've been at least five more BGS to paint.

jgray78 said...

I stumbled across those ads on youtube. I thought Batman looked oddly similar to the way Brian Bolland drew him in The Killing Joke.

Ben Jones said...

That's actually the direction the animation studio was originally given for Batman's design, or so I've been told - to emulate the Bolland Batman design.

Guillermo Biasini said...

Ben, Can I take you animatic, and animate that fake commercial just for fun (and portfolio purposes)?

Anonymous said...

Was that Frank Welker as Robin!? Awesome concept, it would have been great to see this on air. Thankyou for sharing!

Ben Jones said...

Guillermo - I actually don't know for sure how that would work - if it's just for fun and portfolio purposes, I think it'd be fine.

Anonymous - That is indeed Frank Welker as Robin. Also Diedrich Vader as Batman, Jason Marsden as the computer voice, and I can't remember who as Bane.