Sunday, January 22, 2006

New blog, first post

I'll admit to totally hopping the bandwagon here - everyone at work is starting up a blog, so I am too. To give mine something a little different, I'm going to use it primarily to post "idiot style" drawings. That is to say, unpolished drawings, crude but amusing, that are more about exploring some weird idea than being a good finished drawing. Sketches and scribbles and so forth. I do a lot of these, mostly because I am lazy and easily amused.

Most of the drawings I'll be posting were done during meetings or recordings or generally any time I should be paying attention to something else. As an example, my first post is a page of messed-up Cyborg heads I drew during the story break meeting for Wavelength. Teen Titans being the show it is, a surprising number of these actually turn out to be useful.

This was drawn with a fine black Sharpie on animation paper. Cyborg is ™ and © DC Comics.

I'll try to post something new every week.