Friday, July 09, 2010

Mid-Season Update

Nothing big, just a post to gather a bunch of little nuggets of news while waiting for the network to start airing new episodes again (no, I don't now when that will start happening).

Nugget 1 - Brave and the Bold got a third season! This is old news, but maybe someone out there hasn't heard it yet, so there it is.  We've got 13 more episodes to follow the 14 you haven't seen yet from season 2 (unless you live in Australia or the UK), which will eventually bring us up to 65 altogether.

And what news can I spill about Season 3, you may ask?



But there may hope if you check out...

Nugget 2 - There's going to be a B:TBATB panel at the San Diego Comicon ! I'm not on it, but producers James Tucker and Michael Jelenic, executive producer Sam Register, voice director Andrea Romano and Batman himself, Diedrich Bader, all will be! Plus we'll be screening an as-yet-unaired (even in the UK and Australia) episode, and there will also be a preview of Young Justice!

Friday! 10:30! Be there or be sad when you read about it online afterwards and realize what a swell panel you missed!

And if you still have questions that weren't answered at the panel, there's always...

Nugget 3 - I started up a formspring account, why not!  If there's an internet bandwagon, I'll find my way onto it, usually as everyone else has grown bored and is already leaving.  But come feel free to come ask me questions before I forget my password! It's right here.