Monday, July 26, 2010

Post San Diego Wrapup!

Mostly I spent the whole Comic Con either chasing after my 2 year old or stumbling about in a daze, but it turns out a bunch of Brave and the Bold stuff transpired over the weekend with or without me anyways.

First, let me address the rumor accidentally generated at the panel - Batman: The Brave and the Bold is NOT cancelled.  The show will come to an end after the third season, not after the second season, as reported on many comic news sites. So the tally will be -

Season 1 - 26 episodes (all have aired)
Season 2 - 26 episodes (12 have aired* + 10 more in the can + 4 more in production)
Season 3 - 13 episodes (all in various stages of production from being-animated-overseas to still-just-a-germ-in-James-or-Michael's-head)

Anyone reporting the show's ending at 52 episodes is misinformed.

Also announced at the panel is the upcoming appearance of two new characters - James dug deep into DC's Golden Age and scrounged up some Depression-era strongman and a World War Two era princess with a magic rope or something, and they'll be appearing in Season 3. The crowd seemed pretty excited about that, even though they lack the star power of, say, Ultra the Multi-Alien, who will be appearing very soon in Season 2.

How soon?

Tell you what - go to the itunes store now and you can buy both parts of "Siege of Starro", our big Season 2 two-parter. Never mind, they pulled it down again. Too bad, Ultra's in there somewhere. Shoulda grabbed when you had the chance!

But hey, if you're looking for more spoilers, check out this promotional video of a Season 3 voice recording. If you have sharp eyes, you can spot my face through the glass in the background around 0:42, looming over the proceedings like a pale giant-foreheaded ghost.

To top it all off, when I got back from San Diego, I found this interview with none other than Grant Morrison, in which he says he's a "big fan" of our show. Wow! That's pretty gratifying, what with him being one of my favorite writers and all. Hopefully he'll appreciate our little nods to his Doom Patrol and Batman R.I.P. runs in upcoming Season 2 episodes.

*not counting either the episode that aired only in the UK or the episode that aired only in Australia.