Thursday, July 06, 2006


Here's something weird about blogspot - if you start a post in, say, February, and don't publish it until July, it'll still post as a February post. Just sayin', is all.

Any ways, here's an old page of scribbles from the days of the second Doom Patrol episode of Teen Titans. Glen had designed a bulky Robotman, and I was messing around, trying to get a feel for it.

At the time, someone had suggested Mr. T as a potential voice actor for Robotman. But then, that same someone suggests Mr. T for just about every voice being cast, so I don't think there was ever any serious consideration of the idea.

This drawing is just for fun.

Robotman, Negative Man, Robin, Elasti-Girl, Raven, Slade, Cyborg and Robin ™ and © DC Comics.
Mr. T ™ and © Mr. T.