Thursday, April 01, 2010

Shazam!... again

Okay, Power of Shazam! is back on the schedule, set to air this Friday. I didn't talk much about the Captain Marvel parts in my last post, which is a shame, because this episode is stuffed to the gills with Captain Marvel.

Unfortunately, there's not really that much I can say without getting into some spoilers, so I'll just say that we worked pretty hard to capture that very specific Captain Marvel tone for this episode. If you're a Captain Marvel fan, I think you'll be pleased.

Not that Batman's not in it too, but really, it's primarily a Captain Marvel story with a light Batman glaze. Plus, it's got these happy fellows-

So check it out!

(All characters ™ and © DC Comics.)


Michael said...

Mr. Michael Chang's blog is gone and I wanted to ask him if the look of Batman (when he took on everyone's powers) in "The Fate of Equinox!" was based in part on the Avengers villain, Super Adaptoid. Hoping you could ask him for me, if not, it's cool.

Michael said...

Is that Doom Patrol episode for season 2 called "The Last Patrol!", written by J.M. DeMatteis and directed by you?

Ben Jones said...

Since J.M. has confirmed it, I might as well cop to it too. Wikipedia is right this time. I'll have more on that episode as its airdate (sadly, I don't know when that'll be) approaches.

Michael said...

Cool. Thanks for the confession, looking forward to this and the new episodes!