Wednesday, December 09, 2009

3 Days notice this time

I'm trying to get better at plugging my own stuff - maybe blogging about new episodes the day they air isn't the best approach. So, for American Brave and the Bold fans, check out Cartoon Network this Friday (the 11th) for a brand-new episode starring this guy!

Okay, I guess it's truer to say it stars Plastic Man, but this episode was meant to introduce Woozy (that's the heavy-set guy in the picture above for the younger geeks) to the Brave and the Bold universe, but they've already aired Woozy's second appearance in "Death Race to Oblivion!" two weeks ago.  Don't be too confused, though, it should work fine either way.  Plus, this -

That's from the teaser, which was boarded by Andy Suriano, a name that should be familiar to any self-respecting Plastic Fan.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Ben,

This episode looks great! I have enjoyed this show so much, I can't even tell you. It always manages to put a smile on my face.

I was wondering--if this is actually the first episode of the second season, what number is "Death Race to Oblivion!" in production order? The nerd in me goes kind of crazy over these things.

Anyway, keep up the awesome work. I hope they never stop making this show!

- James

Pug and Sue said...

Yes, mentioning an episode BEFORE the air date works much better. :) Now I'll be able to watch it because I can plan ahead for this. :D

Ben Jones said...

"Death Race to Oblivion!" was the third show of the second season. Why they air them out of order, I don't know, but our show's pretty light on continuity, so no big deal.

Anonymous said...

Cool thanks for the info! Can't wait for tomorrow's episode!

PotatoFarmGirl said...

YAY!!! I want to see Andy's boards!
I think it's good to update blogs on Mondays, people seem to have more time to check them then, if you have something you want to let them know about.

Pug and Sue said...

I just watched this episode earlier and I gotta say the ending scene made me laugh for like 5 straight minutes. XD Great job to everyone!