Wednesday, June 21, 2006


I know I keep saying I'll post more than once a month.

I am one day early this time.

Negative Man © and ™ DC Comics.

See you in July.


Alicia "Kaden" Guy said...

haha thats great!

I am so going to do that now, have a Pin the tail on Negative Man at my next b-day party or wedding reception *for the kiddies ;)*

those are tooooo funny. I love Negative Man.

Anonymous said...

Nice Negative Man pics! Is the last one a reference to Eeyore? I never knew that N-Man was so... negative (or are you just making a play on his name?).

Jay D Smith said...

someone wants to tell Negativeman, that it aint all bad!!

great stuff!

Anonymous said...

Great pics.
I love them, they're very funny.
I hope you make more, they're super!
And i LOVE the Teen Titans!

Anonymous said...

Awsome pics, Ben! Negative Mans's always so much fun to draw, I think, and aparently you do, too. Teen Titans forever!!!!!:) Keep drawing!

Anonymous said...


keep up the good work Ben!

Anonymous said...

Yay. Never liked Negative Man (he was of the 80s Raven "my soul-self! it shatters! argh-collapses-faints" variety)... but he is so negative I now heart him. =P

Anonymous said...

those are pretty good, i enjoy looking at hings like that! keep up the good work!!