Wednesday, April 26, 2006


If you're here for the Watchmen drawings, scroll on down to the next (previous) post. For everyone else, some news-

Somehow, the fine folks at have figured out that the [secret project] I'm working on is Legion of Superheroes. Not a terribly big secret, but credit where credit is due.

Anyways, now that the secret (such as it is) is out, here's some Legion stuff. Sorry about the low-res, I don't want the blog to load too slowly.

This is all stuff we put together to give some idea of the feel of the show.

Hey, Warner Bros marketing people! If I'm not supposed to post this stuff, let me know, and I'll take it down.

The show's looking great so far, as you can see. This is all early footage, though, so some things have changed.

We've got some great stuff lined up, too. There's a story with Starfinger lined up that I'm really excited about (Taylor Negron is playing Starfinger).

Also, the Legion of Substitute Heroes guest star in the episode, and Starboy and Matter-Eater Lad join the team.

And that's not our only guest star, either. We've got Cosmic Boy and Ferro Lad, one of them joining the team, with voices by Wil Wheaton and Dave Wittenberg. Also, we're doing the Sun-Eater story - that should be pretty amazing.

Legion of Superheroes characters ™ and © DC Comics.


Michael said...

Hey Ben - I had you pegged as a Legion staffer a while back based on your "secret project" comment. Glad everything's out in the open now! If you haven't already heard, the Legion fan sites have been cranking up for a while now. I run the Legion Omnicom blog at and the big Legion message board site is at Legion World. Hope to see some more stuff (though the movies aren't loading properly on my computer, darnit!).

Ben Jones said...

Yeah, I couldn't comfirm it back then. Now that it's been announced, I figure it's okay. I've had your site bookmarked for a while now - it's interesting to me to see how information filters out. A tip for aspiring sleuths - keep an eye on the voice actors! They always seem to leak stuff first. In the meantime, don't waste too much time trying to open the movies. They don't tell as much as the text would suggest.

Michael said...

Grrr, yeah, I figured that out about the video clips.

I found Derrick via some hits to my site from his, and when I checked it out I saw a lot of animators, several Titans sites (his old show), and one Legion site, which told me that he was involved. Norm had it mentioned in his Blogger profile until I commented on it (then he removed it).

Adam "Brainiac 5" Wylie mentioned it on his message board, and Wil Wheaton said something on his site the other day, but as for the other voice actors, I've found out about them from the Comics Continuum page (and I have no idea how he found them).

Well, if any of the staffers want to anonymously leak anything to me, I'll be happy to post it! Can we at least get a new cast model sheet? All we have is the old Tucker one that not very many people like.

chrishaley said...

Are the movies supposed to be tiny little windows?

Ben Jones said...

Yeah, that's my half-baked idea of a joke. I can't give away anything too revealing, so tightly-cropped littled glimpses is all I can post.

Alicia "Kaden" Guy said...

i do believe i caught a glimpse of supergirl perhaps? mehbeh?

You are such a tease ben, but thanks for sharing :)

PotatoFarmGirl said...

I like Saturn girl's intro so far. Yay!! Tease the fans, those punks can take it.

The Atari Nation said...

Great to hear that you're on board Ben! I run

We've got our own LOSH fansite going at

I'm really excited about the show..and can't wait to see what you have in store!

The Atari Nation said...

Hey Ben,

My name is Matt, I run:
Legions Of Gotham
I heard awhile back from a friend that you were directing on LOSH. Can't wait to see how the show comes out!
I've also got a Legion Of Super Heroes Fansite

Michael said...

Is that a new update about Starfinger? And ya tell me that a couple of episode titles are wrong but you don't tell me what the right ones are? Sheesh!

Michael said...

Hmmmm, the YouTube links show an image but they're not playing... another prank?

Ben Jones said...

Works for me - I think you loaded it in the five-or-so-minutes it takes for the video to load up to youtube. Next time, I'll remember not toupdate the blog until after the video is uploaded.

If it still doesn't work for you, lemme know - there should be 5 small videos and two big ones.

Michael said...

The episodes keep getting better and better, this was the most fun one to date. Your episodes have been really great, I hope you'll be working on season 2.

Now, if only the YouTube videos would work for me - they haven't worked for me since you posted them.

- Michael at the Legion Omnicom

Ben Jones said...

Thanks for the kind words - No season 2 planed for me right now, alas. I'm far too busy with [secret project] - but who knows how the schedules will work out. But don't worry, Legion is in excellent hands - James is still the Man in Charge, and if the rumours are true, he's got [secret director 1] (whose work you might know from [secret show], or you could just check out his link in my sidebar), [secret director 2] and [secret director 3] lined up. As for the stories and characters, I don't even know enough about that to tease you with.

As for the movies, they should be working - they work fine on the various computers I've looked at them with - and some of them are even worth looking at now (I've been replacing the mini-movies with real movies every time a new show I worked on airs - so look for another next Saturday).

Michael said...

Hey Ben - what a great swan song on the Legion! I'm a long-time fan of the team so I knew what story the finale was adapted from, but I wasn't sure if your team would be able to pull it off. I think you hit a home run.

By the way, I figured out why I can't play any of these videos. If I click to go to the YouTube page to view it (rather than viewing it embedded here), it says that it's a private video and I have to be authorized to view it. That's why you can see it and I can't.

Aleta Vidal said...

hi, i,m a big fan of legion so i,m very gratefull abaut this animated serie. congratulations for your super work!