Thursday, March 24, 2011

New B:TBatB episode tomorrow!

Tomorrow night at 6:30 on Cartoon Network - this guy!

Sometimes we dig pretty deep into the deeper recesses of DC's library for some obscure heroes to team up with Batman, but this time we outdid ourselves... we went all the way back to 1939 to dig out a hero named... lemme check my notes here... Superman! Anyways, he'll be on the show tomorrow, so check it out.

Superman and Batman ™ and © DC Comics.


Michael said...

Dang, could you please post a list of the voice actor credits? CN did that thing that reduces the screen to an illegible size to promote another show.

Ben Jones said...

Vicki Vale - Gabrielle Carteris
King Tut/Toyman - John DiMaggio
Lois Lane - Sirena Irwin
Brainiac/Perry White - Richard McGonagle
Jimmy Olsen - Alex Polinsky
Mr.Mxyzptlk/Luthor - Kevin Michael Richardson
Superman - Roger Rose
Robin - Jeremy Shada

And of course Diedrich Bader as Batman.

Michael said...

Awesome! Thanks a lot Mr. Jones. I hope you get a big fat Christmas bonus for the great job you did with this episode! It seems like the episode with the most references stuffed in it. All those Jimmy Olsen references alone were the best.

sprocketman said...

I hope you sent Mike Miksch a screener copy. :)

sprocketman said...

I hope you sent Mike Miksch a screener copy. :)

Awesome as usual Ben, awesome as usual.

Anonymous said...

AMAZING episode. Would love a worlds finest series like this. DC: MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (HINT HINT you have a superman movie coming out too, perfect timing.... :P) Everyone on the internet loves this campy, and hokey superman. He really hasn't been interpreted this way on screen since the major cartoon incarnations have been the all serious stas and YJ characterizations. Not that they are wrong but just like how this batman b&tb came out,it was certainly refreshing to see superman like this. It was so fun, fantastical and jamb packed with hardcore references!