Monday, November 10, 2008

Piles of news

Really just one big thing with a few attached footnotes, I guess - this Friday is the premiere of the new Cartoon Network smash-to-be, Batman: The Brave and the Bold! Which, I might have mentioned, is the show I've been working on for the last year. Rather than going on at length here, allow me to link you to a few interviews I've done in various corners of the internet, and when you're done with those, be sure to tune in to Cartoon Network this Friday at 8 (or Teletoon in Canada, November 21!)!

Not the show -

I think that was made by someone named Grimbot.

Oh, in other news, I don't know if you heard, but there was an election here in the States last week and the good guys totally kicked ass.


das chupa said...

I saw the show and good Lord was it a refreshing take. My childhood regurgitated to the forefront of my mouth and I really liked the taste. I hadn't even heard of it before I stumbled upon it by chance, like a long lost Snickers at the back of a bland fridge. Anyhoo, great job.

Anonymous said...

oh my god animated Louie the Lilac.

I love you, some combination of Ben Jones/J.M. DeMatteis/James Tucker!

(But that blonde caught with the Siren: was it Marsha, Queen of Diamonds or Minerva?)

Matt K/Monzo

Unknown said...

All James' idea, I have to admit. You can channel all of your Lilac Love his way.

Oh, and the blonde was Marsha.

Brian Unbraided said...

Hey Ben - Brian Mainolfi here from long ago at Chuck's...recently got myself a blog and wanted to reconnect. I'm at Been following your work since we last saw each other - my kid's a Teen Titans freak. I'm at Fox now. I'm looking for Herman too, if you know where he is...Hope to hear from you. B-

Monzo said...


Hi! Matt K/Monzo here again. Finally got myself a blogger account.

First, thanks for the confirmation on who the blonde villainess was in that earlier episode.

Secondly, I just caught "Game Over for Owlman", and... holy cow. The staging of that fight scene at the end, between the multiple Batmen and the villains and the other heroes... that's the reason I'm writing again. That was such a crazy fight, and yet everything in it worked so WELL. A fight with, what, at least 15 characters flying around, and it didn't come off as confusing at all! I've re-watched it at least four times already.

That was some fine work, sir. Just had to say.

(Okay, I did sort of wonder how Grodd became a gorilla again, but eh. Splitting hairs.)

Unknown said...

The fight scene was boarded by Tim Divar, so lavish your praise on him. As for Grodd returning to his gorilla form, clearly his Devolution Ray still needs some work, as the effects are only temporary.