Wednesday, April 26, 2006


So a spammer decided my comments section was a great place to plug their internet survey. No thanks. I adjusted my blog to moderated comments from now on - that means that when you post a comment, blogspot has to email it to me for approval before it can be published. Which I will do, as long as it's not spam. But that does mean when you post a comment, it won't appear right away. Please don't let that stop you from posting, though - I don't reply to comments very often, but I do read all of them (especially now).

For those that are in the direct mail business, please, do me a favour - go get a real job. Sell drugs. Become a whore. Overthrow a small island and set up a banana republic. Whatever, just do something with more dignity than spamming or junk mail, okay? The rest of the world knows what it means to sleep soundly - feel free to join us sometime.

(I know I'm probably directing these comments to some program that randomly posts on blogs automatically, but on the off-chance that there's a human being responsible for spamming up my blog, please, rethink your life. Everyone hates you. That can't be any fun.)

In the meantime, for those who've been having problems loading the Quicktimes in my previous post, don't trouble yourself - they deliberately reveal nothing about the show. I can't post any Legion images until the show's already aired - the movies I put up are cropped too close to see anything, really (although hard-core Legion fans could probably deduce which character is in at least half of the movies - hint - each movie features a different individual Legionnaire). I thought it was funny, but my wife thought it was mean. Maybe she's right, and the spam is karmic retribution for my little prank. Although it was really as much a parody of all the secrecy surrounding the project as anything else. Sorry to anyone who got their spirits up.

In the meantime, I've dug up an old drawing I did in my Titans days. It has nothing to do with the new Legion show, even though it bears a strange resemblance to a certain green hero. Rest assured that in the show, that particular green character looks nothing like this drawing.

Strange green character © and ™ me, although I certainly have no plans to ever draw him again.


Alicia "Kaden" Guy said...

dude, that totally sucks. I got spammed by some horse place and so I had to set mine to that password like thingy. Sorry to hear about the spamming... maybe it is karma...

and oddly, yes whoring is slightly more respectable than direct mailing. dunno how but it is.

PotatoFarmGirl said...

I think a "Spam bot" should show up in Legion.

Chris Battle said...

My blog's first post ever was a spam post. I switched to the phrase matching thing, too.

I think whoring is also slightly more respectable than cartooning. (...or is that redundant?)

Anonymous said...

Dear Ben,
Hello, my name is David Miller and I have produced my own Legion of Super-Heroes cartoon in flash animations. It is about 10 minutes long and adapts the origin of Wildfire. If you have a moment, I was wondering if you could look at it and give me some feedback. It's on my web-site at the below link:
I thank you in advance for your time and hope to hear from you soon.
David Miller

The Atari Nation said...

Sorry to hear that you got spammed!


.....just kidding ;)

Legion Of Super Heroes

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm stalking your journal from a link on Titansgo. I was wondering if your blog has a livejournal feed-- and if it doesn't, were you thinking of making one? I know that if your entries don't shove themselves in my face from my flist, I'll forget about the site. and I don't want to ^^;


Unknown said...

A Livejournal feed? I didn't make one (don't know how), but I think somebody else made one once. Or something like it. I saw it once somewhere. Can't find it right now.