Monday, February 06, 2006

Okay, enough of that for now

Somehow my Idiot Style blog is becoming the Super-D theatre. Not that I'm knocking Super-D style drawing, which I obviously love doing, but it wasn't really my original intent for this blog. I'll transition slowly, though - first, here's some more Super-D:

And now here's some more drawings of the same character, not in Super-D.

I think these were at least partly inspired by Juan Bobillo, who's drawing She-Hulk for Marvel right now. He draws a strangely fluid Spider-Man, probably more in tune with the original Ditko version than any other Spider-Man artist that comes to mind. Speaking of Marvel, Spider-Man is ™ and © Marvel Comics.


Norm Ryang said...

so by idiot style, you didn't mean super d? well, in any case, it's all good.

Unknown said...

While the term Idiot Style means different things to different people, I mean Idiot Style to include all the drawings that look just plain stupid and crude, but contain some fragile idea that would be spoiled by putting the drawing on-model. So I think Super-D counts as a very specific subset of the Idiot Style school of drawing with very defined rules of its own, but I want to showcase a wider range of Idiotic drawings. Or at least the range encompassed by my drawings - although I guess I could also post guest Idiot drawings from time to time. Something to consider.

Evil Bob said...

spiderman, spiderman... can do anything a spider can :)

I like the sd spidey alot... no seriously. alot alot.

Heather Sybil Chavez said...

I love spiderman!!!!

be4be4 said...

i love the long limbs. very spidery.